Quadrant Chemical has over 40 years of experience in the Toll Blending & Packaging of commercial chemicals. Our core competency includes blending and filling of commercial grade chemicals, both water based and solvent based. Batch sizes range from 50 gallon to 8500 gallon. Packaging options range from isotainer, tank wagon, tote tank, drum, pail, gallon, quart, pint and smaller.
Market areas include Aerospace, Automotive, Transportation, Institution, Hospital, School, DoD, Oil Field, Lubrication, Civil Engineering, Marine, and BioFuels & additives.

sampling of products/chemistries:

Aerospace Cleaners/Degreasers
Bilge Cleaners
Automotive & Truck Appearance Care
Automotive & Truck Functional Fluids (fuel and oil treatments)
Windshield Washer Fluids
Paint Strippers
Greases and Oils
Oil Field Lubricants
Paint & Coatings
Biodiesel and Diesel Additives
Concrete Additives and Curatives
Medical Processing Fluids

Headquarters, Laboratories and McKinney Plant
200 Industrial Boulevard McKinney, Texas 75069 Phone 972-542-0072 Fax 972-529-1771
Garland Plant
3309 W. Kingsley Road Garland, TX 75041 Phone: 972-864-0865 Fax: 972-864-0781